well this is it

done done donethis is it wish I would have had more time. :/


the inspiration


so I was not able to be in class the other night but I still want to share the inspiration behind my project. This is the opening to the Pokemon TV show is linked above. By the chance that someone doesnt know Pokemon is a cartoon and game where the point is to battle your creatures against enemy pokemon. you also have to catch the creatures. Below is a mock up of my project using a collage tenique (for me it is easier than drawing). I have not truly started the project in this picture seeing it is not my own work. it is just me placing characters.

I Choose You!!

So I have chosen to do something with pokemon. Specifically Ash battling a ninetails. What most people don’t know it that ninetails is based off of the Japanese spirit kitsune, or a fox demon. I plan on making Ash out to be a Buddhist or Shinto monk fighting the kitsune. I think it will be neat to try to take a Japanese concept and take it back to its roots. P.S whoever is doing Kuubi, I do not plan on making my kitsune look as violent so still plan on what you are doing.

second stage cont.

These three shots showcase nicely where I was before I finished the second phase of the project. I had more trouble on the mouth and nose then I had on the eyes. Since these photos have been taken, she has been given a nose job. Did anyone else have trouble shaping the nose? Oh well, till tommorow. Jess