Project 4 – Final Version

It’s here, & it’s done. From what I’ve seen on the blog so far, mine is a lot different from everyone else’s.  Hopefully that isn’t a bad thing. Project 4 - FinalSo I’m sure some of you are wondering what a lot of these represent to me. Well..

symbol in top left corner – that is a symbol for independence that has a pattern of 100 dollar bills. i’ve had a job since i was about 14, always making my own money. i bought my own car, i pay for my college and rent, etc. so financially i feel that i am a very independent person.

cross – not only does it represent my religion, but to me, it always represents faith and it’s a reminder to never lose faith.

two little girls – those are my cousins, Taylor and Reagan. they basically are my entire world. i love them to pieces and would do absolutely anything for them.

heart lock with key – to me, this represents my family. i feel a sense of security with my family so that’s why it’s a lock, and of course i love my family, so that’s why it’s in the shape of a heart.

colors – that is representing my future.  i’m striving to be a graphic designer so the colors seemed fitting.

clocks – this represents two things. 1, the past. 2, to not let time slip away, because time is always flying by.

teardrops with anchor – i lost my best friend when i was 15 years old.  it was a very hard time for me, and dealing with it wasn’t easy.  so the teardrops represent the struggle that came along with losing her, and the anchor represent the strength and stability that i have now.

silhouette – that is a silhouette of me while i was cheerleading.  cheerleading has been apart of my life since i was in 5th grade and i have some of the best memories from it.