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24 April 2016




This should be the last official blog post for the semester, with a wrap up one coming some time this week.
So much learned this week. It took me about two hours, but I cut ten angles to make a pentagon. I then got to use my nail gun to put it together. Geometry was a problem for me in high school, between a bad teacher and an unknown learning disability, that really isn’t a surprise now. I was happy when I figured it out, even though I wanted to bash my head into the wall at one point. That seems to be the overall lesson this semester, perseverance produces results, but more on that in my final post.
I forgot last week’s post. The flu struck me down and I was not able bodied at all last weekend. Which is also why my project for the Mary Anderson center went through several metamorphses. While it wasn’t my original vision, or even my second, I am very pleased with the finished product. I was also happy that the install time was greatly reduced from the JAS instal.  


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