Sometimes I think the only thing I’m learning about photoshop is that it’s really f@#%&!@ hard to use. I’ll try to have something to show soon. Everyone else–great job.  Oh. If anyone has a philosophy that has helped them in using PS…tell it to me! 


project three so far :s

Im really starting to like it but i think i am a long ways off. I found the smudge tool to be very helpful during the making of the background to make the bricks look more realistic. I hope this tool helps someone else!! if you need help finding it leave a comment and i will get back to you!

Change of plans

I was going to do Tyki Mikk and Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man, but I couldn’t get them to sit right on a piece of paper. So, I changed my subject from those two to Crona the demon sword miester from Soul Eater. Let me get this straight from the start; Crona does not have a gender. Crona’s gender was never specified and yes, in the English version Crona is referred to as male but that is because in the English language we don’t really have a gender neutral term like the Japanese do. So Crona got a default ‘he’. Anyway, here’s a pic. Ain’t Crona just a gem? xD

But don’t be fooled. Crona is not right in the head.