final project

It took me a while with a lot of failed experiments, tedious steps, and indecision.


I’m finished!

I’m finished! I’m pretty happy with it. I decided to just keep the words on the face and body and erase the words in the background. I think it was a good choice.

Through the day… Project 3

Alright I haven’t been working on this as much as I should have… in class. But I did spend my Sunday in the lab to get this all done. I Like how it turned out. It wasn’t what I had imagined but I am satisfied with the final product. My favorite part is the colors/flowers in the hair. Also, I love outlines and pen drawings more than any other style, so that is what I was aiming for in this project. Another thing I was trying to create was a since of paper collage, which I think I have with the overlapping hair sections. One thing I struggled with to fix, but just can’t figure out how to fix it, was the hair section on the far right. The head looks like its floating so I added the hair to cover the neck. Maybe I should have just added a neck but I didn’t want to distract from the face. Overall, I liked the end product and little slideshow of the stages I went through creating my project (if wordpress allows so many pictures).

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P3 Final



Well this is the final piece. Half is a photo that I used photoshop to touch up and the other half I used photoshop to paint in. Overall I like this project. It is not even close to what I originally had planned. I started playing and learning how to use the Wacom tablet and got off on tangents. After enough tangents I realized that I actually started to like the idea. Jonathan showed me a few texture techniques and voila, I was sold on this idea. I still have a lot to learn technique wise, but its a beginning.

Project 3 – Very Close To Finished

I added some pink to the cheeks. I realize the skin is too pale, but I don’t really have time to change it; I tried using an adjustment layer but it didn’t look very good and I ended up deleting it. I still can’t figure out what it is that is making the white lines on the inside edge of the frame. I know it’s not the background; it must be the frame. Changing the frame’s mask didn’t help, any suggestions?

Project 3. Getting there.



I have played with different ideas on adding to the right side of this image but I keep coming back to leaving one side photogenic and the other side painted. So I think I am going to leave it this way.

I teaked some colors. cleaned up edges, and add more shadow. Still need some work but its getting there.

Project 3 – Almost Done

I’m having trouble with the teeth; it’s really frustrating. There is also a thin line of white on the left and bottom inside edges of my frame, any ideas as to what is wrong? I tried to fix it by adjusting the mask, but it didn’t work. I can’t decide if the glasses should have some light glaring off them or if the eyebrows need some lines. Comments are welcome!!!