My inspiration is on the right. I love the vibrant colors so the palette I am using is very similar. I want it to look soft and almost chalk-like at the end. I cant wait to see how it turns out!


Project 3.

This is a VERY rough idea that I am going to go with. I’m using a photograph on one half and drawing the other half. I’ll add color, gradients and vector along the way but this is a quick rough draft of what I am thinking.

project three ideas.

I think for my self portrait for project three I want to draw my profile and inside my profile I want to have things that I enjoy and make me, me. I am going to use the tablet to draw my profile and some of the things that I want to go inside. I will use vector and photographs for the rest.

Project 3 – More Ideas

I’ve decided not to draw a new self portrait; I’ll either use an older self portrait from F100 or a photograph. I’m not sure if  using a photo is permissible, but I hope it is because I cannot actually draw with a tablet to save my life. I like the tablet for coloring; not so much for a producing a clean drawing.

I have a few ideas for the color and style, but I haven’t made a decision. Any opinions?

Project 3.

I’m still up in the air about what to do. Jonathan and I came up with the idea of framing it like you are viewing the picture through a keyhole. I am still trying to decide on exactly what the image will look like. I am coming up with some interesting ideas but it is tough narrowing it down to one drawing that I can get done by next week.

My ideas for proj 3

So far I have struggled to think of ideas for this project. I have very little idea of what I want to do to incorporate all the requirements for the project. The most difficult part is deciding between a clean and simple layout or a complicated and intriguing layout. I do know that I have a style that is full of movement, curves, and a bit edgy. Hopefully my final product can represent all of these aspects to my liking.

I have been looking for some inspiration, which I stumbled upon this website  Its  a great example of using vector to create a self portrait. Most of the images are made in Illustrator.

Here’s the image that drew me in originally.



Project III Ideas

1. I’m still trying to find something to do. Iv’e had some ideas but I don’t have the photography skills/equipment to get the shot I want to begin with. I love chiaroscuro and black and white but I think we have to have some color. I’ve gotten some inspiration from these pictures and have been trying this style on some of my own photos and I like it. However, it may be too simple. I would do a complete face and most of my hair from the second shot. I might just do the face in black and white and the hair cool colors. Thoughts? I’ll be sketching more ideas to follow.