Who I Am Mark 4

Ladies and gentlemen, my work here is done.


Project 3 Nature Approach

This is an update on Project 3, I have more done but this is part of it. I took a very different approach than most people. This tree in the picture represents my face. It’s not the easiest thing to see at the moment, but I’m changing it up a bit more and adding leaves then hopefully you’ll be able to tell.


This is my final project. It is very different than how I pictured it would end up. I changed the background a whole lot. I wanted to incorporate more things that i was interested in and things that made me and are part of me. I wanted to make it subtle, almost abstract but i had a hard time finding things that could fit to the background..There’s both vector and raster images.I also incorporated some photographs I had taken and modified them to blend in. It looks like a collage which is what I was going for at the end so yea..!