I restarted my crest. The one I had started ended up being way way too busy and I just didn’t like it at all. My original thought when the project was announced, was something simple. I didn’t like most of the family crests I saw on the internet, I didn’t like the shield shape or all the scrolls. None of that represented what I wanted. So, I scrapped the first idea and I’m going with this one. Spent just a few hours on this as it is, and it’s nowhere near done yet. I’m not sure if I’ll incorporate another color, but I think i want to. I’m enjoying the project much more now that I’ve restarted.


Happy Halloween


















Happy Halloween, or Happy Samhain if you are a traditionalist about it.


This is what I got so far. I still need to touch up the mantel but I like the use of the colors navy, gold, and white. I’ll probably incorporate navy in the shield when I had objects, and probably some white. Then add the white as either a highlight or shadow base to the mantel.

Family Crest

I have made many many changes to this crest. I completely started over yesterday because i was not happy with the outcome that I was getting. I have worked hard to catch back up and here is where i am at. I still have a lot to do, but i like this version a lot better than my last one.