project 1 update
























Thanks to Professor Ruth for helping me fix the missing square.  It is now ready to add detail. I will focus on the mouth, nose, and eyes.


I spent a lot of time figuring out how to group layers, put masks on layers, and combine two masks into one. Finally I think I know how to do it.


This is an update of project one. It looks like I had very little progress but that is due to the detail in the eyes. I really wanted to see what i could do zoomed in with a few selections.

This is the frame I am working on in class. Haven’t gotten to the shadows just yet but I am getting there.

Chelsea’s P1 (digging myself into a hole)

I think I may be getting a little carried away on the detail in the three spots I’ve worked on so far.  I’m not sure I can carry this level of attention to detail through the rest of the squares.  The good thing is that some of the squares won’t need this detail.  The bad thing is that I have about 25 squares of hair and headband that will need this level of attention to detail.  Hole, dug…

so here is what I have on the eye and most of the ear.  how’s it looking?